Tuesday, 29 November 2022
Tehran’s 56-Story International Tower

Tehran’s 56-Story International Tower




Employer :    A.S.P Co.

Consulting Engineering:    Setec Batiment Consulting Engineers Co.

Date of Inauguration:    2005


The Tehran 56-Story International Tower is the tallest concrete tower in Iran which makes it unique within the I.R.I with regard to height, working pressure, and execution of mechanical and electrical installations. This company was honored to execute and put into operation the substructure electrical installation of the project including high and low voltage panels, capacitor banks, transformers, main cable trays in basements and floors 47, 48. and 49. air handling unit control valves, fire fighting pumps and sprinklers, the cooling and heating systems generally, sanitary system, fire extinguishing system, ventilation, and construction of water reservoirs.