Wednesday, 25 May 2022
Islamic Parliament Commission Building

Islamic Parliament Commission Building



Employer:  Executive Organization of Building & Govermental & General Inestallation 

Consulting Engineering:  Energy Consulting Engineers Co.

Date of Inauguration: 2002 


Due to its importance and special characteristics, the new building of the main hall, and the commission building of I.R Iran's Parliament is one of the unique national projects being performed in the 1990s. The Electrical and Mechanical

Operations of this complex have been carried out by this company. The project includes a central heating/refrigeration powerhouse , main electricity post , and three HVAC spaces the air handling units of which ventilate the main hall .The commission halls are ventilated by the air handling systems and the fan coils located in place.

Among the specifications of the performed electrical operations is BMS system with which it is possible to remotely direct the illumination system and the mechanical.

Equipment installed in the central powerhouse and mechanical services rooms. The main electrical operations performed in the project can be pointed out as follows: provision and putting into operation of Illumination , Communication, Fire Alarm, Messaging, and Antenna Systems and the most important Mechanical Operations consist of provision and operation of Mechanical equipment of the Central Powerhouse including Chillers ,Boilers, Pumps, Related Piping & Fittings, Air handling Units , and as a whole the overall operations related to Heating and Refrigeration System ,Fresh Water System ,Fire Extinguishing System , and Sewage and Rain Water System of the main hall and the commission building are the operations performed.